Whatever the challenge, Void will always innovate. By achieving a true blend of sonic excellence and visual appeal, Void offers solutions to those who wish to break free of tradition.


Speakers for Installation

Void installation products are world renowned for their sonic perfection, reliability, and revolutionary looks, and are found in the most prestigious 'super clubs' and venues around the world.


Speakers for Touring

Void touring loudspeakers have become industry standards across the globe with countless numbers of production companies prescribing Void as their system of choice.

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What Our Clients Say

Excerpts from selected Void Acoustics case studies - View full case studies here.

"The Void Acoustics sound system in Temple nightclub is simply amazing. From the thundering bass to the crisp mids and highs our main room is full of thick and clear frequencies. Our patrons love the way the room sounds"

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Jay WIlliams - Temple Technician
Temple - San Francisco, California

"Both the audience and DJs have all enjoyed our Void Acoustics sound system here at OMNI.  Within a year, OMNI has won numerous internationally acclaimed awards such as the iF Design Award and LIVE DESIGN Excellence award. ...

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Alan Hsia, Co-Founder of OMNI
Omni - Taipei, Taiwan