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Tri Motion is in the Right Mode

April 4th gave birth to an exhilarating new club in Notting Hill. The highly anticipated opening of London's latest club Mode, erupted with sets from Rudimental and Bakermat. Formally the Supper Club, Mode has been totally redesigned in a lavish flavour by Robin Collings of Glastonbury’s Shangri-La fame.

The club’s avant-garde styling was crying out for a sound system that would complement the space, it became apparent at an early stage of the design that a VOID system would best achieve this. A cluster of six Stasys Xair pounds away, filling the room with breathtaking low frequencies, whilst two Nexus 6 immerse the club’s rowdy participants with smooth and precise mid-top.

The installation didn't end there; a pair of Tri Motions with Trinity Xi subs are used in the DJ booth, whilst the rest of the club is graced with Venu 10 and Indigo 6 for fills. The system is already getting rave reviews from the press, with Mixmag stating that Mode has "one of the most accomplished sound systems in the world".

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