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Loud and Clear at Zurich Street Parade

The Zurich Street Parade is without doubt the most colourful and innovative house and techno event in the world, and has been fascinating hundreds of thousands of dance music fans since 1992. Of the 30 or so brightly decorated ‘Love Mobiles’ equipped with giant sound systems that drove at walking pace through the crowds thronging beautiful Lake Zurich on the weekend of August 2nd, one in particular stands out as encapsulating the Parade’s commitment to no-compromise entertainment value.

Equipped with a full-on Void Acoustics Air series audio system, the Tito Torres, Jil Club & Friends truck put together by Void’s Swiss distributor MGM Audio stood out from the rest of the Love Mobiles sporting only conventional wooden box loudspeakers – because when it comes to delivering the ultimate aural experience and breaking free of visual traditions, only Void will do!

Together with MGM’s Gilberto Giacon, Void’s systems engineer Bryan McLean designed a four point configuration each consisting of a pair of three-way bi-amped Air Motion truss mounted at the front and rear corners of the 32 metre long truck, complemented with a total of eight Stasys X V2 subwoofers spaced out along both sides of the truck for sub-bass support.

At the rear of the truck, a single Incubus Air Array cluster, ground supported on two Hyperfold and two Incubus Sub subwoofers provided awesome levels of ultimate hi-fi quality sound for those following in its wake.

The Parade attracts very large crowds of electronic music fans every year and 2014 was no exception, with a stellar array of DJs and live appearances from Tito Torres, DJ Sam (Be Famous), DJ George Lamell (My World), Maxxdrum and Marc Jerome from Germany, and DJ Norman.

Given the vast numbers of young people drawn to the Street Parade – 950,000­ revellers enjoyed the extraordinary event this year – safety is a primary concern for the organisers, and the Street Parade prides itself on being a leader in the area of event safety – not only physical, but also being mindful of equally important hearing awareness issues. With the deployment of the Air Motion and Incubus Air Array systems on the Tito Torres, Jil Club & Friends Love Mobile, Void proved once again that loud doesn’t have to be ‘loud’ – although sound pressure was measured at over 150dBA near the subwoofers the result was subjectively totally free of potentially harmful distortion.

And how did the Void Air Motion and Incubus systems sound? Just perfect, according to MGM’s Marco Fedrizzi: “The two Love Mobiles behind us had some difficulty in hearing their own sound systems,” he said. “Our customers, the audience and the DJs were all very happy with the rig and with Void. They just want to bathe in the experience of the ultimate sound system!”

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