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Full Body Experience at Manchester Nightclub

Salford-based sound reinforcement specialist Neuron Pro Audio has installed a Void Acoustics Air Motion sound system at the long-established Joshua Brooks nightclub in Manchester.

The iconic city centre venue has been a highlight of Mancunian nightlife for many years, and a firm favourite of local promoters Meat Free and Selective Hearing.

Previously the sound system at Joshua Brooks was composed of self-made speaker boxes that were dominant on the local reggae scene, but as promoter Hugo Monypenny explains, “had little broad acceptance among DJs and the public. I wanted to bring more high profile acts into the venue.” A long-standing client of Neuron Pro Audio, Hugo is passionate about delivering top notch sound quality to a discerning crowd – and figured the best way to achieve that was with an iconic speaker brand.

So after a series of experimental weekend demos at the club with equipment supplied from Neuron Pro Audio’s stock, the eventual choice was a pair of three-way bi-amped Air Motion arrays supported by Stays X V2 subs.

“My biggest problem with the old system was its ground-stacked positioning – a little too close for comfort,” says Neuron director Jonny Wharton. “Now I was able to not only locate the Air Motions optimally above the dance floor, but the sound quality also went up in quantum leaps. The Stasys X V2 subs are neatly built into cutouts in the stage and are to all intents and purposes invisible.”

After some RTA measurements resulting in tweaks to the processor settings and slight repositioning of the Air Motions, the new system was ready to go. “The basement is only about 250 capacity, and so the two Stasys X V2 subs match the Air Motions superbly and are more than enough for the room,” comments Wharton. “It really is a full body experience – effortless and accurate.”

Neuron Pro Audio’s managing director Kyle Marriott, together with operations manager William Stuart and long-time freelance engineer Andy Blundell, put the work in to ensure the new Void system exceeded expectations, going in several times in the weeks after the install to make sure everything was perfect.

“It has to be the best small club install in Manchester,” says Wharton. And as if to echo that sentiment Joshua Brooks has been nominated for Best Small Venue by DJ Mag. “On the opening weekend there was a lot of noise on Facebook, and people were instantly getting out their phones and taking pictures of their mates in front of the Air Motions. That’s how identifiable the Void brand is.”



Photos courtesy of Alex Morgan

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