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New Style Era for Exterior Speaker Design

The IP44 rated Cyclone 55 has been developed to raise the levels of audio quality and visual aesthetics for outside applications. Its non-resonant fibreglass enclosure makes use of marine grade stainless steel fittings and tough UV resilient paint to provide many years of trouble free outside use.

Other features that allow the Cyclone 55 to raise the bar include a dedicated easy hang bracket, a super quick Phoenix connector with link out and a 120-degree horizontal dispersion to help cover large areas with the least amount of loudspeakers.

The Cyclone 55's design spec also required very high levels of fidelity and definition from an ultra compact enclosure, so two high power 130mm LF drivers with coaxial 25mm soft dome HF units have be utilised to meet these requirements.

Beach bars, theme parks, resorts, cruise ships, marine environments, hotels, public spaces will all benefit from the modern aesthetics, light weight and weather resistance of the latest addition to the VOID product range.

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