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Incubus installed at Spacehall - Tblisi, Georgia

The team behind Bassiani club have recently opened an entirely new thousand capacity venue featuring Incubus in the Georgian capital, Tblisi. Named Spacehall, the club is located in the same complex as Bassiani which is beneath the Dinamo Arena stadium. The club chose our flagship Incubus sound system with Airten fills and Air Stream monitors. Differing itself from Bassiani, Spacehall will be a multi use space that will feature art exhibitions, live bands and other non-dance music based events. 

"When we were discussing the customer's requirements for the project the priority was quality of the sound system. Because of that the only choice was Incubus. This system gives an unbelievable experience. The pressure is something that you must feel yourself otherwise you will not believe it. It's the first time in Tbilisi that such a powerful sound system has been installed and we are proud that we are a part of it. Thanks to Bassiani and Void Acoustics for realising this project." Giorgi Shanidze - CEO of AVB Limited

"This was one of the first projects that our newly appointed distributor in Georgia, AVB, presented to us. Several design specifications were discussed and proposed but ultimately it was decided by all parties that our flagship system Incubus was the right choice for this new venue, both from a design perspective and an audio performance requirement of the club. Bryan Mclean and I flew over to commission the system; the installation was problem free and sounded excellent for the opening night.

The client commented that they had never experienced such impressive sound pressure levels or impeccable audio clarity. It was great to meet the Spacehall team and share in the excitement of launch night of this fantastic new venue” Callum Bowran - Void Acoustics



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