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Void Shakes the Dancefloor at Bollwerk

A Void Acoustics loudspeaker system has been installed at the Bollwerk Niklasdorf nightclub in Steiermark, Austria.

Located in the countryside near Graz in the southern part of Austria, Bollwerk is well known for its eclectic mix of current dance charts, progressive house, and stunning high-tech visuals.

The previous sound system had been in place for almost 10 years and the time was right for a refit, according to Daniel Danzer of sld mediatec, Void’s Austrian distributor. “We were asked to propose a new system design to replace the old one which was composed of a combination of boxes from various manufacturers, and so we worked closely with Karl Zotter of systems integrator Happysound to create a completely new high quality audio concept for Bollwerk,” says Danzer.

sld mediatec is a full service media industry integrator based in Nürnberg, specialising in the provision of technical services for live events, tv productions, general assemblies, theatre productions and nightclubs. With a permanent staff of over 40 skilled technicians and administrators, sld mediatec is well placed to achieve the maximum result for its clients.

A combination of highly reflective mirror glass walls and concrete floor called for specific locations and aiming of the loudspeakers in order to minimise reflections yet provide sufficient SPL. So after running a SMAART simulation of the room, a pair of Nexus 6 multi-way sculpted array loudspeakers and six Stasys Xair double 18” horn-loaded subwoofers were chosen to comprise the main dance floor system. Airten monitors feature on the DJ booth while four Cyclone 55 architectural passive two-ways provide peripheral coverage. The processing is by Void Acoustics LiveDrive V2, and the whole audio system is powered by MC2 amplifiers.

“The Void brand is a well established and trusted solution for us,” says Danzer, “and the sound quality together with the assertive visual design made these the natural choice for Bollwerk.

“We needed only to make some small tuning adjustments to the system to minimise reflections, but that was all that was required. The sound quality is awesome, and the owner Fritz Martin is so happy with the result that he has placed another order with us!”

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