Case Study

Main Room

Venue: Main Room

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Type: Club

“I’ve been in the business for 20 years and I’ve finally hit the jackpot. I want Void on all my upcoming projects. They are beautiful and they sound amazing. I am opening a new place in 3 months, and I’ll be using Void again.”

Nightclub owner Ismael Contreras

Audio Acustica, Void Acoustic’s distributor in Mexico has installed a new sound system, which features Void Acoustics Tri Motions in “Main Room”, the latest nightclub in Mexico City.

The Main Room is located in the Colonia Roma in Mexico City. The bar, a sophisticated and cosmopolitan space, required speakers that maintain Main Rooms visual elegance while delivering excellent sonic performance.

Alejandro del Rincón Armienta of Audio Acustica comments: “Main Room sounds incredible, and it looks amazing. I am very excited to be able to share this experience with all music lovers”

 The client understood that in order to set the nightclub apart, they needed to invest in an advanced sound system that is both sonically incredible and aesthetically beautiful.

The global reach of Void Acoustics has grown rapidly in the past year. This installation is the first of many projects taking place in Mexico after Audio Acustica became distributor for the country.

Main Room

Oaxaca 90

Mexico City


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