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Incubus comes to Taipei

Incubus installed at Omni in Taipei, Taiwan. The Omni team travelled to clubbing hot spots such as Las Vegas, Ibiza, London, Shanghai and Seoul to experience the worlds best venues.

The team also attended major global sound and lighting industry exhibitions. After much research Incubus was chosen for the sound system at Omni in order to provide their customers with the ultimate clubbing experience.

The system at Omni is a pair of flown Air Arrays with a mono stack of Hyperfold upper bass enclosures and Incubus Subs. Airtens provide high frequency reinforcement towards the back of the large main room.

"Omni installed a Void Incubus sound system in order to introduce the country's first world class sound system allowing one to enjoy the wonderful ubiquitous space" - Omni Team


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