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Four point Incubus installed at Blitz - Munich

Void Acoustics installs the worlds first four point custom Incubus sound system at Blitz, Munich.

A new dance music club named Blitz has opened in the Forum der Technik, of Munich's biggest museum, the Deutsches Museum. “The aim is to make Blitz a place of inclusion in a city where nightlife is mostly about exclusivity.” - David Muallem, Blitz founder and resident DJ.

The new venue is the latest venture from DJ and record producer David Muallem, together with his friends Branimir Peco, Robert Lorenz, Jisho Lang and Sandra Forster, who constantly set new standards in Munich's nightlife scene. The new club holds a capacity of 600 people across two rooms, and is powered by one of the largest sound systems Void Acoustics has ever designed. The main room features a world first: a four point custom Incubus sound system, with Air Vantage DJ monitors and four custom Stasys Phil speakers to complete the sonic experience. Room two is equipped with Air Vantage mid/high loudspeakers and a Nexus X and Q low frequency system. Air Streams are on monitor duty in room two. The interior at Blitz has been meticulously designed to enhance the acoustics of the space.

"I started thinking about the sound system for BLITZ a long time ago, before I even had the opportunity to create a space for dancing. It was always my dream to re-think the way most people install systems today, by starting to put most initial thoughts into acoustic space design. I’ve been working with Jörg Sandman from Event Integrator (Void’s distributor in Germany) for over a decade. From the moment BLITZ became a reality, having Sandman on board was an absolute must. He introduced me to Laurin Schafhausen and we instantly fell in love with each other’s vision of how sound makes you dance.

I've encountered countless people telling me ‘No way, you're crazy!’ throughout my life and always had the biggest pleasure in meeting like-minded people who try to push the boundaries. I’ve found the perfect partner with Void Acoustics, as the people behind it share this very important characteristic, to challenge the existing by making the undoable doable, thereby making my vision a reality. The team at Void has even designed a completely new product for Blitz - a new take on the bullet tweeter array idea that was made famous in New York in the ‘70s.

From all the loudspeaker developers I’ve talked to about BLITZ, the people from Void Acoustics were the ones pushing me in my dreams and going the extra mile in every aspect, in order to create the wonderful, outstanding, one-of-a-kind, custom-made sound system and acoustic space you can now experience at BLITZ.” - David Muallem, Blitz founder and resident DJ

"I first met David from Blitz in late 2016 and was immediately struck by his outstanding vision for the club, as well as his no compromise attitude towards sound system specification. He communicated his vision with us and we worked with him to bring that to a reality for the opening in April. It's a real honour that David has chosen Void for the project and we're looking forward to a long association with the premier Munich venue." - Mike Newman, Void Acoustics

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