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Void Acoustics Powers Samsara Beach Club in Riccione, Italy

Samsara Beach, the fantastic beach club in Riccione, Italy has recently upgraded to a Void Acoustics sound system, the main system comprises a combination of Tri Motion and Air Vantage mid high enclosures with Stasys X V2 taking care of the low frequencies. A selection of Cyclone 55s, Cyclone 10s and Air 8s provide sound to the VIP, lounge, cocktail bar and restaurant of Samsara. The entire system is controlled and powered by Bias series power amplifiers. The installation was handled by Void Acoustics engineer Bryan McLean with support of Frenexport; Void Acoustics Distributor Italy and Titan Sound, a Riccione local dealer and installation team.

"Samsara is a growing brand and redefining what it means to throw a beach party, this landmark destination in Riccione is an unstoppable phenomenon that is transforming beach parties into legendary events. Samsara is becoming an international leader of beach parties in Gallipoli and Riccione in Italy and Budva in Montenegro, with many more locations are to come.

Samsara has chosen a Void Acoustics sound system believing that a distinctive event brand need a powerful global brand for superior audio performance and extraordinary design adding tremendous value to Samsara beach parties where thousands enthusiastic guests experience the best international  DJs." - Romano Frenquelli - Vice President of Frenexport

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