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Dealer Spotlight: AMAS - Norway, Sweden & Denmark

We asked Morten Paulsen, our Norwegian distributor, who also has a strong presence in additional Nordic countries, to share his experience partnering with Void.

Company: Amas  / Morten Paulsen

Void: How long have you been a Void dealer?

MP: 15 years, I believe we are one of the very first Void Acoustics dealerships.

Void: What region do you cover?

MP: Originally Norway. We’ve had a lot of success in Norway and have recently expanded into Sweden and Denmark.

Void: What is your favourite Void Acoustics product?

MP: The Airten is the one we have sold the most of – it’s a very good speaker that delivers enormously for its size and price.

Void: Can you tell us about any recent installations?

MP: We installed many Cyclone 10s at The Tertnes Stadium in Norway.  When we did a demo for the arena, every major audio company was there. It took about three minutes to convince them to go with Void, where we did an A/B test and wiped the floor with the competition. It’s a fantastic product that you can use everywhere.

The coast of Norway is very wet, cold and snowy but the Cyclone series can handle both the weather and the seawater. In a short time, we have sold more than fifty. Each time we demo them, customers will say things like “Wow! Finally an outdoor speaker that actually sounds good!” When people hear it, they immediately ask what it is. I think the Cyclone 10 is maybe my new favourite.

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