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Dealer Spotlight - Event Integrator - Germany

Void: How long have you been a Void distributor?

EI: We have been working together with Void Acoustics for seven years now, and are proud to have been a part of making the brand one of the most demanded products when it comes to sound. This involved close cooperation with Void’s R&D Team, who are always open-minded and supportive when it comes to adapting products for our market here in Germany.

Void: What region do you cover?

EI: As an exclusive distributor, we’re responsible for all of Germany.

Void: Do you have a favourite Void Acoustics product?

EI: That’s a tough question! For us, the Air Motion which became symbolic for the legendary Void look, still is our top choice when it comes to sound and design for up to a certain amount of people. For our rental partners in Germany, the Air Vantage has proven itself because of it’s easy handling, sound and looks. One of our best working setups and favourite combinations are Air Motions or Air Vantages, combined with the Stasys X V2/Xair.

Void: What are your most noteworthy recent installations?

EI: The most notable installation this year is Blitz Club in Munich. It’s amazing to see and hear the final results and feedback of this project. Besides that, we can look back on a wide range of installations and projects all over Germany, from scene restaurants and hotels, to bars and clubs.

Void: You've had a very busy festival season this summer, any particularly great ones you'd like to tell us about?

EI: Most of the big festivals in Germany this year had Void systems involved, and we had very successful co-operations with Warsteiner and Smirnoff. Parookaville definitely deserves a mention here, but the highlight in this festival season was Docklands Festival, where four stages were equipped with Void Acoustics sound systems. Having Stephan Bodzin close the stage with the new Arcline 8 line array was a really cool experience.

Void: Do the festival activations often involve many of the Void Acoustics rental houses in Germany?

EI: As we don’t do rentals ourselves, we built up a great network of Void rental partners here in Germany, and the demand for Void Systems from both big festivals and small club promoters increases more and more. We feel that 2017 was an important season for us and the brand in Germany.

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