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Studio 338 is back!

It's been a just over a year since Studio 338 closed its doors after being badly damaged by fire. Now, after major restoration, the east London venue has returned. Studio 338's multi-million pound rebuild includes a new Void Acoustics sound system and a rubberised dance floor. The terrace space has been rebuilt "almost entirely from airport-grade glass and steel columns”.

Rather than just recreating the same the club, Dan Perrin and the rest of the Studio 338 team opted to make some substantial improvements for the audience and the venue’s neighbours by installing a sealed glass ceiling to drastically reduce the amount of sound escaping from the club, and future-proofs the venue against further residential developments in and around Studio 338.

For Studio 338's Music and Events Director, Dan Perrin, Void was the sound system of choice for this latest venture: "Since the birth of Studio 338 we have used Void Acoustics to power sound across the entire venue and at all events. We already had a strong feeling we would use Void, having experienced their systems at places like DC10 but we still put them through an 'audition' process against all the major players. Unsurprisingly, Void Acoustics won out; we find Void systems have a uniquely warm and round feeling that suits us more than the output found in their peers. It’s a bonus that the speakers look so distinctive and eye-catching too!"

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